an acronym that stands for made for each other.
amanda and gavin were mfeo.
manda michelleによって 2008年05月18日(日)
Top Definition
Made for each other.
Lucifer~We're two halves made whole. MFEO. Literally.
Sam~This feels pretty damn far from good.
RandomPersonFromTheInternetによって 2013年04月07日(日)
made for each other
You and him/her were mfeo
pink13によって 2011年07月08日(金)
An acronym of 'made for each other'
"Campbell and Ashley were M.F.E.O!"
campbelljordonによって 2010年02月17日(水)
made for each other used in jacks mannequin mefo
Oh, Oh maybe, we were made
We were made for each other(mfeo)
Ahh, is it possible for the
World to look this way forever?
Ahhh, Ahhh...
rachelmicheleによって 2007年04月19日(木)
acronym for made for each other
jack and jill were mfeo
bucketballによって 2005年08月24日(水)

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