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A description, of doing something in a fast time.
I'll get the part to you lickity split, Mr Smith
roguebflによって 2008年03月01日(土)
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Used from somebody who just realized they need to leave quickly.
Pablo,"I'm going to be late for the party! I need to leave here lickity split!"
Brillianaによって 2004年09月16日(木)
A group/pack of super lesbians.
lickity splits are girls that carpet munch.

Qualityによって 2006年07月28日(金)
What one would do to a girlfriend, oral sex with the female gender, going down on the female gender
"You know, Sally, if you ever needed and help, I could help you... lickity split."
Myxr Mhalador of Calindriaによって 2005年01月30日(日)
The act of licking a vagina.
My husband likes it lickity split style.
Mr. Awesomenessによって 2008年05月04日(日)
Another name for a pornographic movie
Did you see that lickity split on the Playboy Channel last week.
Ronny26によって 2009年06月05日(金)
When you grab someone's nose at a 145-160 degree angle, pull it in, then lick the boogers off
hey Paul, did you ever lickity split with your girl yet?
jimmycaps08によって 2010年02月08日(月)


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