A situation, comment or person that is almost too stupid or odd for words.
That transfer truck driving drag queen on C.O.P.s is sooo LAMO
DuTによって 2003年09月14日(日)
Low Ambition -- Mediocre Output
Pronounced: lame-o
I'm months behind schedule for completing my architectural thesis because I waste all my time looking at stupid shit on the internet.

xx/eyesによって 2007年10月18日(木)
lost and mentioned otherwise: Lost for words.


... Lamo
Forusevdawgによって 2010年12月26日(日)
Lame, weird, stupid, boring, dull a mild version of disgusting
glenn: wow abby is not answering anybody
Kelly: ya i know what a lamo
gnibsによって 2012年12月16日(日)
It originated from students in the South of England who were studying Koine Greek. The word lame has been given the Greek adjective ending -os, but carries the same meaning.

"Man, that film was lamos!"

"He's being well lamos at the moment"

"It's a bit lamos, just sitting in a traffic-jam"
Ben Griffithsによって 2008年01月04日(金)
(noun) Dorkified cool person.
Steven pulled a lamo when he meant to say 'lmao'
Dani Warmanによって 2009年01月24日(土)
Laughing at my octopus
Dude: so 3 jews walk into a bar and >F>?.fv;rvre2r487285

Other Dude : lol Im LAMO right now
kmoomomomomomomoによって 2010年06月19日(土)