A variation on cool, great, awesome etc. Ironically associated with the band of the same name.
Dansfield -'we're probs off to the union tonight'
I-ain - 'Kula Shaker'
I-ainによって 2008年09月02日(火)

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a rock band. most popular in the 90s. influence of traditional indian music was a main characteristica of kula shaker at their peak time.
songs of kula shaker vary from catchy and genius to borring and random. thats why this somehow pretty cool band never made it into the hall of fame.

SgrDDによって 2008年04月10日(木)
the best worst band ever. i'd give them a prize for writing crappy yet catchy songs.
my sister hates the name kula shaker so much she calls them the Amber Men
mayuraによって 2003年10月23日(木)