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Irritating R+B artist recently giving us the awful song 'Bad Ass Strippa' which discusses her issues of clothes, stripping and about how people are giving her 'lyrical diss'. I for one, am one of them.

Born to a Romany mother outside of Woking in a caravan (meaning she is a bonafide gypo), she has been labelled 'Queen of the Chavettes' by Scott Mills from Radio 1 and so she should be. The record should be banned, she should be shipped off to Antartica and then we'll see how she copes in her 'Gucci thong' then.

Talentless, couldn't sing for toffee and filling the chart with unbelievably awful music that makes you want to vomit. Truly dispicable.
JENTINA: 'Bad Ass Strippa in an Escalade, get out the truck I'm in St Tropez'

PERSON WITH SENSE: 'Shut the hell up, you're a gypo from Woking'

'You're such a Jentina'
Oxford ladによって 2004年06月23日(水)
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Stupid slag of an artist from my home town all da gypos fancy her, wears too much gold jewellery. Songs didn't get very far in the charts, shagged Matt from busted and Eamon wants her!
Dat Bad ass stripper Jentina
Fuckoffによって 2005年01月06日(木)
Great hip-hop singer whose album "Do Not Disturb" (including the fabaolous lyrics Bad Ass Strippa, Mysterious and French Kisses) came out only in Italy.
Her songs mix hip-hop and dance sound and the result is just amazing; her rapping skill is second only to the queen Missy Elliott (maybe I'm just exagerating XD)
Fucking Lady Sovereign, blinded by jealousy, wrote her Sad Arse Stripah, Jentina's diss.
Lady Sovereign : i'm a fucking stupid jealous of your wonderful booty, jentina!!!!
Jentina : I know, just keep licking my ass bitch
Lady Sovereign : yeah yeah yeah yeah fuck me till i collapse
Jentina: shut up fugly imitation of a female rapper
Lady Sovereign : ok
Jentinaloverによって 2006年06月16日(金)


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