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A huge pair of buttcheeks with a highly coveted asshole. These enormous asscheeks rose to superstardom by teasing guys worldwide with the fantasy of fucking them.

After years as a struggling actor, Tony finally landed a small part in a major Hollywood movie. He says if he makes it big, he's gonna try to fuck Jennifer Lopez.
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HyperKnightによって 2008年07月13日(日)
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a hot latino singer who comes from Bronx, she is very talented and has the nicest ass you could ever see
girl: hey aint that jennifer lopez?
boy: yeah i can see by the ass, i wouldn't mind hiting her from the back
girl: you b*stard, you had anal sex with me yesterday now you see a bitch from TV and diss me?!
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Krak2005によって 2006年02月25日(土)
Jennifer Lopoez also known as JLO,is a succesful puerto rican "superstar" singer/actress/and business woman.She's is hated by many people because of her many failed relationships. A lot of people say she isnt a good singer or actress but shes is making millions and is known worldwide.Shes has her own production company called 'Nuyorican Productions' & clothing line company 'JLE'(Jennifer Lopez Enterprise)by the way her clothing is line is one of the most succesful clothing line if history of celebrity clothing lines and her perfumes sale really well all over the world. This days JLO is one of the most famous and richest women in entertainment and richest latina in hollywood according to Forbes magazine.

accomplishments :

-most famous hispanic person in the world

-richest latina in Hollywood

-one of the richest women in entertaiment

-Lopez is the first actress and singer to have a film (The Wedding Planner) and an album (J. Lo) at number one in the same week.

-Lopez's perfume, "Glow", made history in 2001, by being the number-one perfume in more than nine countries in less than four months.

-Lopez has five number-one hits in the U.S. and a combined twenty weeks at number one.

-Lopez appeared on the 2007 Guinness World Records as the most powerful actress.

and has many more accomplishments although a lot of haters deny or accept it.
bob: jennifer lopez isnt talented shes got a big ass! bla bla

randy: well then i dont know whats going on because she is making millions and is famous worldwide and youre just hating and are a nobody just hating like people on*smiles*

bob:.......*keeps hating*
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ImReaLによって 2007年02月07日(水)
A actress/singer with an amazing ass, tits and all round perfect body. there is not a single man on this earth that wouldn't take the chance to fuck her hard. she is so amazingly hot that she can make even teenagers get boners. most teens have wet dreams about their faces getting shoved in that bouncing gorgeous booty of hers. they also have wet dreams about eating her out. she truly is the definition of sex and milf. she has incredible acting and singing ability and also the ability to turn a man on with her orgasmic body.
i really wanna fuck Jennifer Lopez!!!
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urban12323によって 2014年06月16日(月)
One of the most successful women in entertainment; an actress, singer, dancer, and incredible business woman. Jennifer Lopez has branded a multi-million dollar empire throughout her career. She is often referred to as J.Lo in the media. Her films include Selena, The Wedding Planner, Maid In Manhattan, Monster-in-Law, and What to Expect When You're Expecting. Jennifer Lopez is the highest-paid Latina actress in Hollywood. She's a phenomenal Grammy Award winning recording artist who has released seven albums, including the first number one remix album to top the charts in the United States. Jennifer Lopez has a slue of endorsement deals, a successful line of perfumes, as well as a lucrative fashion line. She has become one of the biggest fashion icons. Jennifer Lopez is the first female artist to have both a number one album and number one movie at the same time. In 2011, she was crowned by People Magazine as The Most Beautiful Woman in the World. In 2012, Jennifer Lopez topped Forbes list of the 100 Most Powerful and Influential Celebrities in the World.
Did you know that Jennifer Lopez is also known as J.Lo ?
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bklyn09によって 2012年05月30日(水)
A personality in Hollywood who continues to make millions despite an appalling lack of talent.

Her dancing abilities are laughable, so I can't understand why people call her a good dancer. She basically does the same move over and over (shake her gigantic ass and huge thighs) with an occasional dip thrown in.

Her singing skills are questionable as her screechy voice is most unpleasant, sort of like giving a cat a high colonic. Similar to Celine Dion (who sounds like someone tossed a cat into a washing machine on spin cycle.)

Her acting skills are possibly the worst. Compare to Nicole Kidman's complete lack of acting ability. Wooden and contrived, she couldn't carry a movie if they put it in a basket for her. See "Maid in Manhattan," "The Wedding Planner," and "Enough" if you dare. And I'm not even counting "Gigli."

She's shaping up to be the next Elizabeth Taylor, except without the class or acting ability. I mean just in the sense that she's a serial divorcee. She's already on her third husband to The Crypt Keeper - er, I mean Marc Anthony - a man she stole while he was still married.

She should really make the decision to retire from show business to stay home and concentrate on her family. No, really. She really, really should.
I'm getting tired of waiting for Jennifer Lopez to realize she has no talent, and that she should just go disappear somewhere with the Crypt Keeper and never bother us again.
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Wanderlust13によって 2007年11月23日(金)
A no talented souless greedy celebrity who only cares about herself and her money and does nothing to help poor hispanic communities in America
I am jennifer lopez and i am going to join scientology only for my career and to have an alien baby
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juiiceによって 2007年02月02日(金)

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