Pittsburgh's way of saying "jackoff." An anoying, ass hole.
The light turned green, but that jagoff tourist didn't get going!
Da fuck do you care?によって 2004年08月25日(水)
A rude assholelike person. originated in pittsburgh
"Yinz were acting like jagoffs the other night, all drunk on Ahrns n'at"
Beer_jediによって 2003年10月28日(火)
Pittsburghese slang for asshole.
"Dat dem der Stillers is gonna woop dems jagoff-s Eaglesez ass!"
brownie_8765によって 2005年10月01日(土)
A Pittsburgh-ese term for a person who is being a real jerk!
He is such a jagoff when he answers the phone with, "Whaddaya want?".
Sandyによって 2003年10月20日(月)
n. A person, usually male, that has an unfavorable personality or annoying habits. Generally implies stupidity or ignorance.
Don't be so surprised he got thrown in jail. He's a jag off.
Broによって 2004年05月13日(木)
Any one who angers a Pittsburgher
That jag off kicked my dog
Henry VIIIXによって 2006年11月28日(火)
Pittsburgh slang for anyone irritating, out of line, not in love with the Steelers or not drinking Iron City on a regular basis.
Yinz gonna go donton to watch the Stilers at Lenny's and drink some ahrns or go sit wit the jagoffs and watch football at Chubby's.
juniorによって 2003年11月19日(水)