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Look down.
THESE are italics.
Ra!naireによって 2010年08月21日(土)
a font style where the writing is slanted to the right; frequently used when responding with extra emotion.
He called me "kiddo," so I texted him back in italics and threatened his collection of basketball jerseys.
Tyrifiedによって 2009年08月14日(金)
this is italic text: SLANTY!
Bastardized Bottomburpによって 2003年03月20日(木)
Something absurdly overused on
Italics are .......... absolutely terrifying
Roth Vantageによって 2013年01月05日(土)
describes shnoobs that have been worn down on one side of the heal, creating an italic finish.
goddamn!! my shnoobs, they have slowly fallen into an italic state.
MC Boongeによって 2003年08月13日(水)


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