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n. Generally regarded as derogatory name for Indianapolis, Indiana. Comes from the evident lack of anything to do other than get drunk and watch sports and the appearant resistance of many of its inhabitants to allow culture, change, or diversity into the mix.
Helena the rich woman: "Oh, Lancelot! My heart hangs heavy! We shall never see young Chadwick again!!"

Lancelot (dropping monocle in his caviar): "No!! Has he passed on?"

Helena the rich woman: "Worse, dearest one! He has moved to... (30 second pause) INDIANOPLACE!!!!"

(Both gasp in terror. Organ music. A guy in overalls shucks corn in the distance ominously.)
J.S.Beeによって 2005年08月29日(月)
A derogatory term to refer to the city of Indianapolis, Indiana. This nickname is not entirely without merit, however. Although it's a comfortable, Midwest city with a steadily-growing economy, a growing population and an increase in ammenities, it is perceived as being Dullsville to the Coastal cities. It is easy to see why. It lies in the middle of nowhere--in the flat Corn Belt with no mountains, no rivers or even navigable ones, no culture, no lightlife, no high-density developement, no greenspace, no opportunites to get out and enjoy nature, not a huge number of suburbs, no high-tech jobs and abysmal public transportation. Rumor has it that Indy is talking of creating lightrail in the future, but don't count on it. Too many people in the area are too antiquated and narrowminded to accept changing anything.

Indianapolis is making valiant efforts to reinvent itself and has received national recognition for many of its developments. But it has a long way to go before being considered a hip place and a world-class city that it calls itself, for some reason. Yes, it has made improvements but may never shake off its image. You can't help your geography.
Indianoplace gets a bat rap from outsiders who don't know that the city actually has more pros than cons.
krock1dkによって 2007年11月03日(土)

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