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A place of extreme horror
Krystal's house is a complete hell hole
Distenyによって 2003年04月09日(水)
85 10
a place you dread or hate..
this planet is filled with so many idots it's one giant hell hole!!
the chosen oneによって 2005年04月20日(水)
65 12
Commonly used to define the home of a person or go to school. Also used to explain one's life. Can also explain how much one's hometown sucks ass.
Ohio is where I live. It is a hellhole.
My school is a hellhole and I am the ringmaster, bitch.
I am sweeeeeeeeet!によって 2004年02月27日(金)
59 18
A place resembling Satan's firey red asshole; Someplace horrifying.
- That club is a hell hole
The Nut Smugglers Inc.によって 2009年10月20日(火)
33 3
similar to a shithole. defines a loser's life.
My life is a living hellhole!
Moによって 2004年02月25日(水)
36 11
A place you despise or have a hatred for, but go anyway to pay the bills.
John: Hey you wanna go to a concert tonight?
Dick: Nah I can't I have to go to the Hell Hole tonight.
Sho-Pan Manによって 2010年06月10日(木)
27 6
BP Oil Gusher at the Bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. An underwater oil well drilling disaster of unimagined proportions.
BP's hell-hole is creating the biggest fucking mess in the history of saltwater pollution. Birds, fish, beaches and mammals are getting drowned by the oil. Give BP the corporate death-sentence by a U.S. capture of all of its assets.

BP is an international energy company that likes to have off-shore oil rigs that drill hell-holes miles underwater where an oil leak can poison the entire Gulf of Mexico.
governor ephraimによって 2010年06月06日(日)
5 2