Havana is the most beautiful person you will ever meet. i love her with my entire heart and that will never change. i once dated her and would give anything to have her back. i just wish we'd be bestfriends like we used to be
I love Havana
allebakcinによって 2011年01月13日(木)
Beautiful, amazing and interesting female, Havana's are quite rare and are a good thing to look out for, because they will brighten up your day and make you extremely happy. If you ever happen to meet a Havana do not cross she will extremely happy to show her anger or annoyance.
Omg there's a Havana she's gorgeous and nice.
Omg isn't that the Havana you pissed off? better be careful.
chikkypowによって 2010年10月08日(金)
the fucking motherland
oye broder, les go to labana (havana)!
aimlesssによって 2008年07月24日(木)