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Half of a waffle (duh) simply a waffle, just half of it.
Dude, I could go for a haffle right now.

Becca, pass me a haffle, but make sure you toast it.

Can we share this waffle? C'mon make it a haffle.
TreeFittyによって 2013年08月19日(月)
1) to argue pointlessly over something that is in no chance likely to happen
2) to get owned
3) to become extremely frustrated
4) midget anxiety
Dude, stop, you're just going to get haffled about it since the Lakers are gonna lose
McHaffySnacksによって 2010年06月14日(月)
To argue constantly for a pointless reason involving clowns and midgets.
Jason and Perry haffle about the carnival that was in town last week.
Lindsey Fukutaによって 2006年01月23日(月)