While a male is in persuit of masturbating, and eventually cums, and the shot hits in directly into his belly button hole.

this is a hole in one
dude i was jackin it the other day, and i got a hole in one! i had to wash for about an hour man!
nukkahkによって 2008年05月15日(木)
when a male does a girl anal and right before he bust he backs up to more then his dick length and tries to bust in her asshole
Damn this girls ass was so loose i can get a hole in one easy!
Berry and Dannyによって 2006年06月18日(日)
What happens when a man is jacking off and he cums, and it spurts out and lands right in his belly-button.
Guy: "Hey dude, when I was jacking off last night, I got a Hole In One."

Friend: "Nice."
Mark2791によって 2009年03月27日(金)
When someone takes a shit, and the log disappears down the hole, that's what they call a hole in one.
"Is it possible for a chick to get a hole in one?"

"Dude, I took like a three foot shit, and got a hole in one...I didnt even think that was possible!"
Frankie Fishによって 2008年08月08日(金)
When a guy is getting a bj and right before nutting he pulls out, backs away and tries to make his load right in the chicks mouth. If he makes the shot without coming up short or going long then it's a hole in one.
Hey Drew, Katy and I hung out last night and i made a hole in one.
AJosephによって 2008年05月10日(土)
to sexually penetrate a partner at the first attempt
trevor held her down, slapped her face, kicked her shins, and attempted a hole in one. unfortunately for him staffordshire bull terriers don't like this treatment and she turned and bit off his meat & two veg
theWestHamfanによって 2003年11月25日(火)
When u cum in a girls ass from far away
(homie 1)Sup nigga
(homie 2) nutin bru, just poted a whole in one
(homie 1) thats wats clacking brudda
boy-in-blueによって 2007年10月17日(水)