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The capital city of the Guangdong province in SouthEast China. It is a metropolis with more than 10 million population. It was built more than 2000 years before, while it is digging its 8th metro line as a modern city.
The local people there speak Cantonese, a dialect used also in Hong Kong and lots of Chinese outside of China, instead of the Mandarin used in most provinces of China.
It is also famous for its awesome food. People also critcize on their talent to cook everything, like a snake. Check it out before you order!
It took me 2 hours' train to Guangzhou from Hong Kong
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suybによって 2007年03月16日(金)
A city in southern China . It is a major city on the Pearl River Delta, including Hong Kong, Macao, and Shenzhen. The city is also known as Canton to Westerners. It is known as the city of goats because the city was founded by five celestial goats according to an old legend. It is known as the City of Flowers for its numerous gardens which even grace the top of skyscrapers. The city is a major economic zone. Guangzhou is home to a large number of Cantonese people. It is the "mother" city of the other Canto speaking cities and areas. A large part of the population speaks Cantonese, though they are slowly being displaced by migrating workers. Natives of Guangzhou do not really welcome the workers, as they destroy the 2000 year old culture of the city, and wipe out their language. Guangzhou is the home of dimsum, and is famous for having good food.
What do people speak in Guangzhou?
They speak cantonese
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theroyalbananaによって 2012年04月09日(月)

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