its the acronym for " Good to know", it can be used in terms of sarcasm or actuality
Valencia: your face looks odd
Mrz.Harper13によって 2010年06月11日(金)
Short for "Get the Keg".

Used when someone is about to do something so stupid that you don't even want to remember.
Retard: Dude, I'm gunna light my car on fire!!
McRetard: Ahh god gtk.
De Vilによって 2009年08月23日(日)
good to know
1: i farted

lovadkfsによって 2010年06月29日(火)
Good to know. An easy, quick way to say a common phrase; often over email or text messaging. Similar to FYI, BTW, etc.
"I'll be in town in 2 weeks!" "GTK! Hit me up when you're around."
efficiencyqueenによって 2013年12月18日(水)
good to know

--said when someone say something that is good to know
sexysimbaによって 2011年08月11日(木)
acronym for "get that kitty". meaning to get some play.
R: aye bro. my girl coming over today.

T: ayy you better GTK.
Antonjoによって 2014年05月27日(火)
An acronym for the phrase 'get the kill' meaning to have sex with a certain individual.
Boy 1: Hey bro I'm chilling with my girlfriend tonight!
Boy 2: Sweet man, gtk!
ernyandspによって 2011年07月05日(火)


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