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Awesome journal service, with MUCH more options than livejournal, such as image hosting, photo galleries, 1000 icons, etc. Most of the things you pay for on LJ are given for free on here (except the "").
Most commonly called "GJ"
Wow, GJ is so much better than LJ!
Cowによって 2004年06月23日(水)
An online journaling website where people type entries, make a whole bunch of new internet friends, join a variety of communities with people who have similar interests, and it has so many more features than any other journaling website has. It's also addicitive and it's the best place to escape when you have too many things on your mind. It's one of the best websites ever.

It is also a good way to mask yourself over the internet. Stirring up internet drama on greatest journal is one of the most cowardly acts ever.

It goes by the acronym GJ.

The name is pretty much self-explanatory.
Girl #1: So last night I was on live journal and I was reading this entry oh my god you'll never believe--
Girl #2: Live Journal is SO last year. Have you checked Greatest Journal out yet?
tobeacatによって 2005年04月27日(水)
Greatestjournal is a kickass online journaling site that goes faster than livejournal and doesn't have near all the teenies and assholes. most commonly known as "gj" when two greatestjournal users are talking about it.
I just got a new greatestjournal, it's so much better than livejournal
colleenによって 2005年03月10日(木)
A place where teenaged twats get together to write about how hard their lives are because their parents won't let them go to the Fall Out Boy concert.

Whereas livejournal is more commonly used for the community scene and actual writing talent, greatestjournal's sole purpose is to spawn new rating communities where insecure girls get reaffirmation by other insecure girls or get shot down and commit e-suicide or take their issues over to the communities: shitlist or howmuchyousuck.

When they are not applying for rating communities, they are roleplaying celebrities and making them all gay.

The site is 98% female. All of the males on the site are either gay or not really guys but girls roleplaying pretending to be "real" guys.
I totally wrote this super-hot Jake Gyllenhaal/Conor Oberst sex fest on greatestjournal last night.

I wonder how many icons I can make of some random ugly guy from some shitty post-hardcore band for my greatestjournal userpics.
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Lauren G-Unitによって 2006年07月30日(日)
GreatestJournal started in 2003. Some guy took LiveJournal's script and set it up for a few kids. Soon though, word spread and everyone started to join GJ. It was fresh, unique, and exciting for the first year or two.

It was basically LJ on crack: unlimited user styles, icons, and free picture hosting -- all at no cost to the user, with the exception of a few user info page ads and ads you'd see only when you weren't logged in!

Then in 2005, trends spread. Everyone had similar layouts, icons, and even user info pages, usernames, and pictures. It kept spreading and hasn't stopped. Now 70% of GJ is like that.


1) Girls between the ages of 12 - 18, starting online drama, making icons, layouts, and banners, and basically stylizing everything. Some share beauty tips and role play. All of them come out as clones.

2) Same as #1, but scene kids. They type in lower case and either use only one icon forever, or alternate between a thousand (no exaggeration!) They type up lyrics and take as many pictures whenever they have a chance.

3) Refined scene kids, a nice blend of #1 and #2.

4) Some weird anime-obsessed Wapanese. Horrible usernames, horrible fake layouts, and horrible icons. Usually non-Asian.
No example needed, just look around GreatestJournal. 70% of its users are zombies.
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THE WORKOUTによって 2006年10月28日(土)
an extremely confusing 'community' of people pretending to be other people. I don't understand it at all.. it just confuses me.
Greatest Journal user sommerata: "Listen up kids! I'm NOT really Sommer. This is totally fake. Nothing you see or read on this journal is real." ????
#scene #greatest #journal #fake #roleplaying
xpulsewidthxによって 2006年07月15日(土)

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