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It is the act of applying goldbond (as well as adding water) to one's nutsack, which provides the sensation of a thousand winter elves blowing snow all over your testicles.

It has also been compared to spearmint for the genitalia
After a hearty dinner, me and my posse went goldbonding. Though it kind of stung at first, it really got my dance on.
PrincessBowzerによって 2009年04月26日(日)
When 2 homosexual men pour powder on their junks and rub them together.
Lance said to Stephan, "I want to certify our love with some Gold Bonding."
jsexy76によって 2011年12月14日(水)
When 2 gay men pour powder on their junk and rub them together.
Lance and Stephan were not ashamed when caught gold bonding.
jsexy76によって 2011年12月14日(水)

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