Something that is really, really big.
As Buddy says in the movie "Elf," "Have you seen these toilets? They're GINORMOUS!"
Johnによって 2005年04月17日(日)
Top Definition
Extremely large; bigger than giant and enormous
I have a Ginormous Penis.
Danによって 2002年03月08日(金)
overly large. taken from the words "gigantic" and "enormous" to form "ginormous."
Kid 1: Gee, paw. That cow sure has a ginormous utter.

(i'm so sorry)
Emberlixによって 2005年02月19日(土)
Humorously outsized.
"...he's only five foot three, but he drives around in this ginormous car."
Aquillionによって 2002年07月08日(月)
a combination of gigantic and enormous. more than very large. immense.
That horse has a ginormous wang.
Ashleyによって 2005年02月20日(日)
Word meaning Giant and Enormous at the same time.
Those titties are Ginormous!
Erockによって 2004年11月11日(木)
A word used when "gigantic" or "huge" or eve "enormous" just isn't big enough.
Dude, that house is ginormous!
Aimee C.によって 2005年09月27日(火)

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