Grand Touring Prototype
My Grand Prix GTP is faster than your mustang.
Ronalddddddddddddによって 2008年12月12日(金)
A bad ass Pontiac that is faster than other drivers realize until its too late.
I crushed that ricer in my GTP
GTP-erによって 2003年08月18日(月)
Stands for Grade. Ten. Pussy.

An acronym for a contest invented by a group of rude, ignorant, illiterate, grade 11 Calgarian boys with know respect for the entire female population.
Ramie: Yo i'm gonna hit up this party tonight and get some GTP

Joss: I'm still 3 points ahead of you bitch.
CHEABitchesによって 2011年09月16日(金)
GTP is a commonly used net-phrase in Greece. GTP = Gia Ton Poutso = (in english) for the cock.
-Man yar performance was GTP!!!!
-Indeed GTP!


-You are really GTP!


-Remach please last game was GTP!

John Papによって 2006年01月07日(土)
Is the abbreviation for Grade Ten Pussy.
Dude we have to go get some gtp at that grade 10 party.
Corbin Prattによって 2011年06月20日(月)
Get That Pussy Son!
Him: Me and Sandy are going back to my place.
Him: Hellz Yeah!
GTPSdoodによって 2009年07月17日(金)
got to poop/pee
hey gtp so later!
jamaicanmecrazy!によって 2011年07月11日(月)


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