Top Definition
To own repeatedly at Scrabble / Literati
I just Fradamed you at Scrabble! Bwahaha
Fra-damによって 2003年08月22日(金)
Everything every man should be
I just want to find my Fradam in shining armour.
twohitsofritaによって 2004年05月23日(日)
The guy I miss every so often.
Fradam should stay up later to talk to me!
need more fradams around hereによって 2005年01月23日(日)
n. a person who yells loudly and abruptly for no aparent reason

v. to over react and get extreemily bent out of shape over minuet details

adj. out of control anger issues, usally name calling
"you fucking cunt
what are you doing fucking the earth,
jimmy fucking crack corn"

whats his deal?
oh hes just being a fradams
mazeltofによって 2010年11月05日(金)

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