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Like fisting, but better
Fost me Daddy
Fostingによって 2016年07月05日(火)
Short for 'facebook wall post'. Typically said if you are inebriated. Short for 'facebook' and 'post' : fost
Guy1 "Hey.. did you see that fost from Kristina?!?!"
Guy2 "Yea.. that's wayyy too much facebook drama for me."
bmac1によって 2009年07月02日(木)
An extra miniature leprechaun smoking obscene amounts of crack cocaine.
yo man check out that Fost man hes crazy.
Brick Fostによって 2011年01月20日(木)
another word for crazy awesome
That Rolling Stones concert was SO fost!
batmanlover345によって 2015年07月02日(木)

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