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Food court gangsters are those children whose parents never loved them. They are usually of white descent, but this is not an exclusive trait. The term can be used loosely, as not all Food court gangsters "post up" in mall food courts. You can find them at the local Wal-Mart, movie theater, skate park, and even at ski resorts.
These kids have most likely never been to the hood, and if they have, it was only when passing through on the way home from summer camp. They learn how to dress from all the rap videos they view on MTV and other various "music" television stations. The typical Food Court Gangster will always be with his "posse" and will be wearing an oversized pair of flashy Skullcandys around his neck, pumping the "fattest beats" from his favorite underground rap artist.
Example 1)
Food court Gangster #1 - "Yo B we gonna post up at Tuttle Mall fo a minute, you down to rep?"

FCG #2 - "Yeaaaahhh dawg, we'll hit up Sbarro and get our grub on! Uhhhhhhh!"

Example 2)
Two FCG's approach each other in Wal-Mart.

"Yo you get dem GROCERIES nigga?!?!??!"
"Yeah fer real dawg, I gots dese Minute Meals 2 fo 1!!!!"
#g'd up from the feet up #black kids #mad river mountain #food court gangsta #gangster
GetGnar33によって 2009年02月08日(日)
A white suburban kid who acts and dresses like he is tougher than he actually is. He wears "gangster" clothes and talks like a thug. These kids think they are cool because they mess with mall cops. Generally, this kid is either short and is overcompensating, or is just insecure in some other way. He hangs out in the food court of the local mall and tries to intimidate people with their tough face. Usually they just get laughed at.
Dude, stay away from that kid, he looks scary
Settle down man, he's just a food court gangster, the kid's a total puss.
#poser #mall kid #mall cop #mall #food court
kynitによって 2008年01月08日(火)

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