The term used to tell someone that they should deposit some more petrol in the tank of thier car if you are drugged to the eyballs
Person 1 says: Hey your tank is empty, maybe you should fill er up

Person 2 hears: <mumble> fill er up
Pottsy2によって 2008年09月05日(金)
When one performs an angry dragon and pinchs her noise right before he comes, thus filling her nasal cavity with his load.
Dude, her head nearly exploded when I came and did a Fillerup!
Famousamosによって 2014年09月20日(土)
Another way of telling the gas station pumper to eat a fat one.
Gas Station Pumper: Ay, buddy, what you like?
Driver: Stuff it up your turban, bitch!
Gas Station Pumper: Huh? I can't hear you.
Driver: I said, "Filler up!!"
the Little Kidによって 2006年06月05日(月)
When a man puts his penis into a girls anus and urinates.
She was running a little low, so I had to fill-er-up.
manbeefによって 2004年11月08日(月)
When having analingus with a lover... Urinate inside her...
Yeah so I totally pulled the Fill 'er Up on my lady friend.
Nilam Nadによって 2006年06月20日(火)