Acronym for flakey idaho person. One who resides in the state of idaho and who more often than not flakes out when they promise to be somewhere or do something
Rose: Hey where is Rio i thought she said she was coming?
Franklin: Nah, she's being a FIP.

Rose: This is the third time Sara has asked to meet somewhere and then stood me up!
Understanding Friend: Oh, but this is idaho, right? She's just being a fip.
E Genoveseによって 2009年02月24日(火)
n. One serving, usually of food.

Also used to describe a classification of chimpanzee found in southern Africa.
"I'd like one more fip of ice cream please."

"Look at that fip; it's climbing into that tree."
Angelo Gribanskeによって 2009年02月21日(土)
Xanax in all forms, mainly bars
You got them fips?
itzmebtchezzzによって 2009年05月27日(水)
Hitler's lone testicle.
Hey, Hitler! FIP! FIP!
Hilaryによって 2004年12月17日(金)
The sound you make after you ejaculate.
*ejaculates* *fip* *fip* *fip* *fip*
cupcakebiteによって 2007年03月21日(水)
slang for a ranga (a person with ginger hair)
hey look at that fip
chris cuthbertによって 2004年02月09日(月)


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