a rapper in the group dilated peoples
all the best rappers i ever heard are white. like ev.
inksによって 2003年11月26日(水)
The body you are trying to hide in your backyard.
"We ran out of room in our backyard, so we had to hide the evidence in our neighbor's yard,"
Kawsheeによって 2010年01月05日(火)
liquor(the term is incroporated into a suggestion that the evidence can be destroyed by drinking it)
How did that punk get ahold of my evidence?
Light Jokerによって 2006年04月26日(水)
A wad of toilet paper or tissues drenched with semen. Usually destined to be flushed down the toilet.
I snuck from my room to the bathroom to get rid of the evidence.
theforum.comによって 2004年03月29日(月)
To appear to be acting in a camp or openly homosexual way.
The evidence is mounting.
Conrad Snookによって 2003年12月09日(火)

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