there are pretty much two types of emo girl, the stereotypical, depressed, wrist cutting, black hair emo girl, and the real emo girls, who are usually fun, very beautiful, actually aren't that depressed, and the only reason that they are called emo is because of the style of their hair, clothes etc...
*guy- "hey look at that emo girl over there, she cuts her wrists and has no friends."

*emo girl- *shows him wrists* " i don't cut my self, and i have lots of friends"
digger of holesによって 2013年08月20日(火)
Emo girls are 14-17 years old, but unfortunately its spreading to the younger generations (12,13). They wear skinny jeans, band tee's, studded belts, black and red, wrist bands, converse high tops and shop at hot topic and Spencers. They have medium length dyed, greasy hair with bangs that cover at least one of their eyes. they can be annoying, but are not all bad. They listen to bands like, blood on the dance floor, my chemical romance, green day, and even sometimes, Nirvana. They are usually attracted to emo or skater boys and some consider goths, scenes, and punk-rockers posers. Most are obsessed with anarchy, but have the wrong definition. They will all most always have a facebook or myspace where they upload angsty pics of themselves. Emos are not emos because they cut, which most of them don't.
"i just got the new evanescence Cd at hot topic, i'm going to go light some candles in my bathroom, listen to the cd, right angsty teen poems and cry. And when i'm done i'm going to post some angsty pics on myspace so all my angsty friends can see how emo i am." ~an emo girl
XxuniquexXによって 2011年04月12日(火)
a classic emo girl will have dark brown or black, badly dyed hair that is cut, chopilly arond the shoulder, wears a lot of black and neon colours. likes unknown bands and talks about how unknown they are. an classic emo girl wil cut her wrists, then cover it with armbands. she will wear v v tight skinny jeans and carry a messenger bag and will talk about how emo she is. but a true emo will never admit she is emo, will wear whatever she feels like, thought the majority is often black, do what she feels like, hangs with who she wants, listens to whatever music she wants. there is a big difference between posers and true emo's!!!
dont be fooled as a poser can look pretty much the same as an emo girl but arent!
XxjenibellaxXによって 2007年01月24日(水)
an emo girl is a girl who lisons to emo bands (like AFI and MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE), wears emo outfits (like black hoodies and eyeliner with converse), and has emo hair (hair thats most likly short and choppy with long bangs over one eye dyed black), and has an emo-itional attitude.most emo girls are teenagers, emo girls dont only wear black but they wear black alot, emo girls also love watching emo boys make out and think its super sexy. whatever u do dont mix and emo girl with other labels she will get very mad keeping that in mind there's only probubly about 1 or 2 REAL emo girls in ur school. emo girls are also known for being shy and sensitive but not depressed ALL the time.
*emo girl with black hair over one eye lisoning to her i-pod walks into the room*
*preppy guy looks at her "whats with that girl shes wearing stripes and black and why is lisoning to music! noone lisons to music in there free time!"*
*other preppy guy "nothings wrong with her dude shes just emo thats all"*
screamo_luverによって 2009年04月04日(土)
Ugly girls who think they're so deep and hot shit and have more emotion than the rest of us because they have SIDE BANGS.
I'm so deep and emotional, I'm such an emo girl. I love my side bangs.
ififellx3jylによって 2010年12月14日(火)
an emo girl simply refers to a female who enjoys music labeled "emo".

emo girls, like emo boys, are intellectual music snobs, and are very particular about the music they listen to. emo kids usually prefer underground bands, and would never listen to anything on MTV. in fact, if a band that an emo kid listens to is heard on MTV, the emo kid will immediately discontinue listening to that band. emo kids are usually very bright and interested in philosophy.

since the term "emo" has hit the mainstream in approximately 2005, the style of clothing and music associated with "emo" is completely wrong compared to the true meaning of the term "emo". the 2005 mainstream style of emo is identical to the goth style of dress, and rock-pop-punk music. this new mainstream style is completely inaccurate, and should not be labeled as emo.

emo girls are NOT all-black wearing cutters. if a girl wears all black, is a cutter, and calls herself emo, she is mistaken, and probably a poser. it is more likey that she is goth, or a disturbed individual in need of professional help.

a real emo girl wears whatever she wants, and has a style that resembles punk. she probably shops at a thrift store, cuts and dyes her hair herself. and is opposed to any manufactured look.

emo girls and boys

emo music examples:
rites of spring
sunny day real estate
texas is the reason
promise ring
jets to brazil

emo style examples:
thick glasses
thrift store shirts
band t-shirts
converse shoes

NOT EMO music:
chemical romance
fall out boy
panic! at the disco
MoeMoによって 2007年04月14日(土)
An internet identity that used pictures of suicide and other "stuff" to try and gather attention. Neither a troll or a real person, they fall into the nether realm with Ogres and Santa claus. May have been a real person at one time, but overexposure to crappy music has lead them down the path to emogirlism. The best bet to avoid is for mods to delete her posts immediately.
Emogirl: I'm an emogirl, and if you delete this post not only are you confirming your homosexuality, you are sew not kewl.
Jeansによって 2005年05月27日(金)


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