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1. n. Generic insult used after a (friend / acquaintance) does something embarrassing, or stupid.

2. adj. Used to describe someone who even when among nerds, looks nerdy and out of place.
stop being a dorkface...
Lestatによって 2004年04月27日(火)
A term that can be used as a name for a (best friend/ significant other)to describe thier overall dorkeyness.
Veronica, how can it be that you are such a dorkface?
Mr. Bargdillによって 2006年08月13日(日)
A playful term used for annoying people that you will never be able to get rid of (ie. an annoying sister).
Nisha you dorkface, your comebacks suck.
Rishi Agrawalによって 2006年07月20日(木)