the ultimate standard by which all hardware is judged
"Yes that's cool, but can it play doom?"
Hyperion2010によって 2007年09月13日(木)
The mintest game ever!!
Still entertains.
1: Doom is mint, u think so?
2: Yeah!
jによって 2004年12月08日(水)
The street name for a synthetic marijuana that gets you higher than you could ever imagine. This synthetic marijuana is legal and sold over the counter as herbal incense. The active ingredient that replicates THC is JWH-18.
"Are you ready for some DOOM?"

"Sit tight, I just packed one full of DOOM!!"
LakSomによって 2010年03月17日(水)
a game where you have 2 pwn demonic forces of hell.

me, i just shoot anything that moves
me: die freaks (boom)
david: that is your men
me: fuck, doom is quality
mr pwnerによって 2006年09月14日(木)
I'm going to sing the doom song now
do doom doom dom do de dooooooom dooom do doom deee doooom do dom dooom dieb
Xenonによって 2005年04月16日(土)
A dumbass
that girl is such a dooms, she washes her hair in the toilet.
jewlmykkatによって 2010年12月06日(月)
1) The seminal first-person shooter.
2) Missing a roll in a dice-based role-playing game by one.
1) "I'll frag your ass in Doom!"
2) "You needed a 14 and rolled a doomed."
Steve H.によって 2005年03月18日(金)

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