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Is a slang term for the word 'dirty' used by many. It is one of the best words in the world as you can use it to describe almost anything. Especialy if you are being rude. Doity was a word used by Tam the great, and so i give to you this marvelous word, Doity.
You are so doity.

Oh, that boy is being doity.

Cabbage? No. Dont be so doity.
DoityPooによって 2009年05月14日(木)
Like hot or sick shit, something fucking awesome
That top left lazer was doity as hell.
broverloadによって 2010年03月02日(火)
derived from the word Dode, it is another name for canned beer.
Prepare the Doities
The Ab Lobsterによって 2009年04月29日(水)