1. Heavy metal band fronted by Ronnie James Dio, formed in 1983 after leaving Black Sabbath.
2. Ronnie James Dio himself, a heavy metal singer best known as popularizing the "horns" hand guesture in the world of heavy metal, which is still seen at heavy metal concerts today
3. (adjective) refers to a band's albums or time span that feature Ronnie James Dio; more specifically in reference to Black Sabbath and Rainbow
1. The songs "Holy Diver", "Rainbow In The Dark", "The Last In Line", and "Hungry for Heaven" are by the band Dio.
2. "Dio? Yeah, he rocks!"
3. "When it comes to the band Rainbow, I really like the Dio years. I also like Dio-era Black Sabbath."
Bill M.によって 2004年09月10日(金)
Top Definition
Perhaps the greatest metal god of all time.

See: Holy Diver, Last in Line, Rainbow in the Dark
Man: Who is Dio?
Another Man: You don't know who Dio is? Dio is a sword-swinging, swash-buckling, hand-guesturing, god of rock!
Man: No shit?
SpookyTreeによって 2004年04月14日(水)
slang term for diarrhea.
Pronounced die-o while Ronnie James is dee-o
I took a monster dio and now my ass hurts.
Greerdioによって 2005年09月08日(木)
spanish for god
a name you can pick in spanish to piss of the teachers
a total loser who fails spanish class and can't sail at all
Geez Dios failed another test
Vinnie Da Homeskilletによって 2005年01月14日(金)
A normal human by the surname Brando who trancended humanity. Dio put an ancient stone mask over his face and stabbed his rival Jonathan Joestar's father, dowsing the mask in blood and causing its bones to impale his skull, awaking the brain's hidden abilities. By doing so, he became a vampire with numerous powers.

Dio Brando is the main villain of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 1, and comes back stronger than ever in Part 3.

JoJo... There's a limit to human ability... I've learned one thing in my short life. The harder you plan, the less things will go according to your plans! As long as you cannot go beyond humanity...
IcyHakuによって 2005年04月16日(土)
In the band Black Sabbath, Dio was one of the most thoughtful, classy, intense lyricists and vocalists in rock or metal. He wrote everything from the heart and seemed to taste every word.

Like Ozzy, he's more famous for his cheesy and inoffensive solo career.
RIP Dio.
KLAS3jによって 2011年06月24日(金)
1.) Elf, dwarf, leprechaun, or perhaps jackrabbit

2.) Leader of a renound eponymous heavy metal band, who also sang in Black Sabbath after founding vocalist Ozzy Osbourne was fired, Elf and Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow. His age is something of a mystery, but he is known to be between 55 and 65. He is also well below average in height (see def. 1).

3.) Heavy metal band led by vocalist Ronnie James Dio
1.) Hey, isn't that a pygmy on stage?
No! It's a Dio!

2.) Hey, isn't that a pygmy on stage?
No! It's Dio!

3.) The Last in Line is Dio's best album ever.
-IronMaiden-によって 2006年07月01日(土)


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