meaning something good, or cool.
man joe you missed a big dumb ass party last night!
biggie shortyによって 2006年03月02日(木)
A stupid person
A situation where you have to chew on your hand to live.
A sad person.
Jack:"Your dumb, right"
Jack:"Thats sad!!"
Billによって 2004年05月02日(日)
anyone who "thumbs downs" a definition of dumb saying "speechless or mute"
Tod is so dumb, he didn't know that dumb meant mute.
shane gamerによって 2007年01月14日(日)
Jake Anderson, a stupid mexican kid.
Jake is so fucking dumb!
William Shatによって 2008年01月05日(土)

This is where the black budgeted military contains such aliens as the "grays" and the "dracos".
"The government will never admit that D.U.M.B. houses those cattle-mutilating, human-abducting gray aliens".
MeBobaFettによって 2005年09月30日(金)
(n) slang for nitrous oxide
let's all do some dumb!
pandoraによって 2005年04月19日(火)
you. (because you ACTUALLY had to look this up)
they laughed at him for an hour because he
told them that he had to look dumb up on
Karen C.によって 2005年07月06日(水)

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