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To seriously over-indulge, usually with food or drink.

Most commonly associated with greedy, fat monstrosities such as manatees.
"My, that crapulous Trev creature is rather voluminous, wouldn't you agree Arthur?"
lolzwutによって 2008年08月29日(金)
20 6
Suffering from the effects of excessive consumption, typically alcohol; hungover. Rarely used nowadays but has its roots in the 1500's and is sorely in need of a comeback.
I feel absolutely crapulous. Whoever put that Wild Turkey in the beer bong when I wasn't looking is a real asshole.
Paully Dによって 2007年02月27日(火)
28 15
Something so crappy it is fabulous.
The movie Sharknado was crapulous
Sigmabre99によって 2013年09月27日(金)
3 2
real crappy
Oasis is crapulous.
Marla Beerによって 2004年01月27日(火)
14 13
This is a word used to describe something that is so crap, that it is fabulous!
Did you see that movie? It was soo crapulous!
That joke you just told *cries* was crapulous. *sniffs* I'm so proud of you my son.
Krustyguinによって 2014年07月16日(水)
0 0
Completely unbelieveable, based on spurious logic and lack of proper reasoning.
The Labour party manifesto is completely crapulous.
Jinny the Squinnyによって 2005年02月26日(土)
14 16