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A person who grew up on the mean streets of Ybor City in the 1940's and 1950's who caused trouble around the neighborhood, commonly known nowadays as a hooligan. This person, in his teen years, enjoyed wearing white t-shirts all the time with the sleeves rolled up. He went through his teens and 20's, basking in the light of his self-proclaimed Elvis look alike image, although who would really want to brag about resembling a rock and roll star who had overgrown sideburns, was hooked on drugs, and died of an overdose. this person ends up joining the army, gets stationed in Germany, and meets the local flan, jager, and beer hoarder. He ends up kidnapping the Nazi lover back to the US where he, still to this day, enslaves her. They end up married, have a daughter and an absolutely awesome son...despite his flaws. These days, this "cool kitty from Ybor City", is not so cool anymore. He tells bad jokes, thinks he knows everything, and hates Robin Williams, although he is a closet metro sexual. In closing and despite all his flaws, he is still the best father someone could ask for.
I am a cool kitty from Ybor City
#smartypants #computer nerd #facebook addicted #enslaver #mr. know it all
Enyountによって 2011年02月22日(火)

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