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The Comic Squad or CS is a group of roleplayers who talk shiz which is the truth about other roleplayers on kik. They are shady 🌚 and it consists of a fabulous Lois, Shay, Zat, and Obs. They have many insiders like "YUSH ⚆⚊⚆" and "¯\_(ツ)_/¯" and "(☞‱-‱)☞ das right". They also dislike Brits because they are petty kids ◔_◔
The Comic Squad twerked and reviewed other roleplayer accounts.
Shay ;3ă«ă‚ˆăŁăŠ 2013ćčŽ12月14æ—„(期)

æŻŽæœç„Ąæ–™ăźä»Šæ—„ăźă‚ąăƒŒăƒăƒłăƒŻăƒŒăƒ‰ ă‚’ć—ă‘ć–ă‚‹ăŸă‚ă«ă€ă‚ăȘăŸăźăƒĄăƒŒăƒ«ă‚ąăƒ‰ăƒŹă‚čă‚’äž‹ă«æ‰“ăĄèŸŒă‚“ă§ăă ă•ă„ă€‚

ăƒĄăƒŒăƒ«ăŻ ぼケドレă‚čă‹ă‚‰é€ă‚‰ă‚ŒăŠăăŸă™ă€‚èż·æƒ‘ăƒĄăƒŒăƒ«ă‚’é€ă‚‹ă“ăšăŻæ±șă—ăŠă”ă–ă„ăŸă›ă‚“ă€‚