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Founded by 5 best friends from Marion, Indiana who grew up together, Clown Town is an area that may or may not be real, inhabited by people that you may or may not remember because you were just too wasted to recall anything.

In order to visit Clown Town one must drink to the point that they are experiencing a very heavy blackout. At this point the person will arrive in Clown Town but they usually will not know that they have visited Clown Town until the next couple of days have passed and their hangover has subsided.

Many things happen in Clown Town, but barely anything is remembered. Pictures that are taken on your visit to Clown Town never do your trip justice, but they may serve as tools when attempting to remember your journey.
"Hey Johnny, where did you get that broken nose and those two black eyes?"
-"I guess I was breaking someone's Furniture and then got my ass beat when I was in Clown Town."

"Guys, we all just chugged 105 fluid ounces of vodka tonic at The Cactus, I guess we are going to Clown Town tonight."
#blackout #clowntown #drunk #shit-faced #wasted #pissed #ass #cock #dick #hammered
Long John Stuttleによって 2009年09月23日(水)
getting super blazed to the point where your surroundings are unrecognizable.


Matt: Look at Sarah over there in clowntown!!!!
#blazed #baked #marijuana #high #420
Citizens of Clowntownによって 2011年06月30日(木)
Canadian Wal-Mart parking lots
this place is clown town!
#clown #town #clowntown #walmart #crazy #chaotic
velcroshoes2によって 2010年02月06日(土)
Clinton, Ma 01510

aka "Clowntown"
Hey man you partying up in Clowntown tonight?
#clowntown #clinton #clown town #ctown #c-town
Corykidによって 2009年12月01日(火)
How many of the football (soccer) world refer to Charlton Athletic FC in recognition for their hilarious attempts at playing the beautiful game. Clowntown are known for moaning at every opportunity and their support which is mainly made up of pikey glory-hunters.
Manchester City Fan: I hate Manchester United the most, what football team do you have the most?
Crystal Palace Fan: Definately Clowntown.
The Golden Turnipによって 2004年08月07日(土)
clowntown,'nuf said. Come visit the 'hoods sometime.
#clowns #buffoons #jokers #idiots #fools #zombieville
JoeNJ2によって 2011年04月26日(火)
An imaginary place where idiots live. The worst resident and biggest idiot is referred to as the mayor of clown town.
Was that fool trying to sell you light bulbs made by retards?

Hell yeah, I sent him back to clown town!
#simps #fools #idiots #marks #jackass
Playa Bによって 2007年12月30日(日)

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