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Definition: A short person that has extremely funny arguments with our teachers...
Chodalicious punched the teacher in the face...
Chodie!によって 2011年11月22日(火)
When something is short and sweet but thick with enjoyment.
My orgy between classes was chodalicious.
Black Cock Veinによって 2010年12月03日(金)
The quiality of being short and fat/wide. Usually used when describing penis's.
This muffin is particularly chodalicious
Rory Gordziejkoによって 2005年04月20日(水)
Chodalicious: From the reference term Choda.
After suckin back a twelve a Pilly's and driving some chinese down my neck, the fortune cookie was chodally.........chodalicious.
Cookie Sanchezによって 2005年05月02日(月)