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Everyone knows a chiseledick.
A chiseledick was once a cool guy in a group of friends. Desperate, and after getting absolutely no pussy in high school, a chiseledick will find the skankiest snaggle toothed vagina of a witch-whore to go out with. He could do way better than this rank cuntrag, but doesn't care; she can't do any better than him, but doesn't know it. Once cool friends, Chiseledicks begin to spend all their time and money catering to the witch hole. Only after 4 months of multiple feminist poetry readings, knitting classes and vegan dinners, and a full body wax, will a chiseledick get some action. After repeated warnings from their friends, one day Chiseledicks will look down and realize that their penis is gone, whittled away by the sand from their girlfriends' vagina.
John: "Damn, who else could we invite?"
Terry: "What about Greg, he hasn't hung out in awhile?"
John: "No, since meeting ol' Sandy Vagg he doesn't do anything fun."
Frank: "Yeah, he's a regular chiseledick now. I hope his shit doesn't grind away into that blackness that is Sandy's vagina."
John: "Frank, I'm pretty sure his shit is already done for."
Armoredmancandyによって 2005年12月29日(木)
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