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(An automobile) equipped with a performance-enhancing electronic wordchipword.
Nice car; is it chipped yet?
The Finer Definerによって 2003年06月02日(月)
Buzzed, Stoned, Baked, High on pot
Dude I got chipped before school yesterday.
bermudadude123によって 2010年06月01日(火)
rival gang member shot
a tramp just got chipped
vunchによって 2015年02月06日(金)
To have a computer chip embedded in your brain, directing your thoughts; under government control.
I've been chipped and now I can't think for myself.
dgldjljfによって 2011年09月23日(金)
To get beat up. In other words to have ones face chipped away in a sort of sense.
Simon: Are you alright; why are you sweating?
Tyrone: Kyle stole my homies weed, so I chipped him.
Simon: Damn. Relax man.
DHirtyFYLによって 2015年08月10日(月)
To never win at anything and to lose by a rediculous margin.
"Man you killed me in Fifa, Forty-five to nothing....I GOT CHIPPED!!!"
Commissioner Kによって 2009年08月10日(月)
beat vagina, comes complete with flappy lips.
get that chipped ham out of my face!
The Real Rickによって 2007年03月14日(水)


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