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Champagne Enema, n.

A champagne enema is when the recipient lays down on their back with their legs in the air and a bottle of champagne is inserted in the ass and shaken. Remove the bottle and let her spray the champagne in the air.
Dude after we gave that girl a champagne enema we all gotta shower...
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Beans From Poughkeepsieによって 2010年02月02日(火)
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This sex trick should be used cautiously but its a great side dish. About half a bottle should do and depends on the fact that the colon is highly vascular and champagne especially prevalent at weddings where it is served in abundance. A fast and uncomplicated way is to have the giver remove the cork carefully so as not to create the fountain of bubbles, to carefully insert it in the recipients anus and to gently press it inside..till the muscle contracts and seals..then shake the bottle some and let the gas do the can play with the bottle a bit and get her muscle to contract and evert till it makes a cute volcano of tissue.Give it about 5 minutes and being drunk fast will be the effect if so desired. Champagne is cheap but tread cautiously.
"Sorry had a bit of a emergency in that maroon mini van..nothing that a large dose of Tylenol won't correct....where is that bathroom...yikes no one heard it but someone in the bridal party got a champagne enema..just a rumor the shrimp OK i have cramps.
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DaynaSによって 2008年09月24日(水)

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