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Attention all avid cereal eaters. You may think you have it figured out, eating your favorite brand of cereal the same way every time, but I am here to tell you there is a better way.

There are many different methods to eating cereal. A popular approach is to make a horizontal wall of dry cereal, with the milk covered cereal closest to you. As time goes by this wall of crunchy cereal slowly recedes. Most of the time by the end of the bowl there is a large amount of soggy cereal left at the bottom no matter how careful you are.

With this new revolutionary method known as the "Cereal Eclipse" all your cereal eating problems will be solved. Plus friends will be impressed by unique the eclipse shape.

To pull off this impressive feat it just take a little bit of practice. Start off by making sure to pour the correct amount of milk. Too much and your cereal will be too soggy, too little and there won't be enough milk. Once your cereal is ready use your spoon to horizontally plunge about a third of the cereal (horizontally) into the milk. Eat a good amount of this. Then begin to dig straight into the middle of this wall of cereal, not the sides. As the shape of the wall begins to become circular you will notice there is a large amount of dry, crunchy cereal waiting in reserve along the edge of the far side of the bowl, forming an eclipse shape. As you finish the cereal you can collapse the eclipse and enjoy fresh, non-soggy cereal.

Tyngsbrosによって 2011年11月14日(月)


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