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The process whereby the subject or object is enveloped in a California-esqe hold, whereby everyone is young, perfect but most of all plastic and fake.
Looks like Amy's got a case of Californiacation going on.
Heskeyによって 2006年04月19日(水)
Originally a common bumper sticker across the Midwest claiming "Don't Californiacate Colorado!"- fornicate being the verb pertaining to coitus, or in intended translation "don't screw<fuck>up Colorado the way they have California". The context was to stop the migration of people (and culture) from California to Colorado, thus eliminating the growing problem of political activists/extremists, the general point of view Californian's have (hyper left-wing views). Colorado had existed as a state even before California did- they had their own culture, views and ways to accomplish tasks and didn't need anymore people from California "illuminating" their so called problems/deficiencies even though it was only the Californians who viewed it that way-Coloradans were fine with the way things were.
As viewed on the television show South Park- where the smugness of Californian people(and their perceived ignorance, naivety and over-all self importance/self promotion or smugness) caused an epic natural disaster thereby adversely affecting many other states and peoples residing within.
Don't Californiacate <insert state here>!!!

Dream of Californiacation?
Wadsworth Longfellow Cummingsによって 2011年05月28日(土)
n. (cali-fOrn~ea-kay-shen): the idea or theology in which becomes more importance than the greater belief and becomes tangible.
Dream of californiacation.
Natural Selectionによって 2012年07月10日(火)
referred to as sex in the song Californiacation by the Red Hot Chili Peppers.
it's understood that hollywood sells californiacation.
Aimee Millによって 2009年07月30日(木)
1) The process of taking over the world via music, computers, movies, culture and showing the rest of America how jealous & fake and plastic THEY are and how genuine and true California is. 2) Taking over the planet with these comsumer goods: iPods, Apple Computer, Google, Blue jeans, Yahoo, Skateboards, Bikinis (Modern version), WebTV, DirectTV, "Chinese" Fortune Cookies, "French" Dip Sandwiches, Famous Amos' Cookies, Mrs Field's Cookies, Boysenberries, Wine Coolers, Shirley Temples (The Drink)
1) New Yorkers & Mid-Westerners are so fake & plastic & miserable that they will never succeed to the notion of Californiacation. 2) Jenny just got her new iPhone, She's so into Californiacation!
Ciacciによって 2008年01月23日(水)
when a band sells out
red hot chili peppers are a good example of californiacation
futuramafanによって 2008年02月27日(水)

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