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The act of a fight or skirmish most commonly with a group of people.
During the brewhaha Todd was shot.
Todd Gardellaによって 2006年08月24日(木)
a large fuss
The solution is simple, don't make such a brew haha over it...
nick_gによって 2011年07月11日(月)
To party and drink beer
We had a big brew haha last night and it was fun.
tmcs68によって 2008年09月18日(木)
A term used to describe a fight. Synonym: Melee.
"Last night while I was at Subway, I witnessed a rather WEAK brew-ha-ha between two wiggers. Probably fighting over their baby's mama."
Elmerによって 2005年01月20日(木)
It all starts off with a long period of drinking between a decent sized group of male friends; usually during sunny weather. Due to drunkenness heat and vast amounts of consumed brews, behaviors eventually tend to intensify to the point where a brawl occurs. In the morning when the gentlemen awaken from their slumbers they notice their wounds and sunburns and say HAHA.
Male Friend 1: "(yawn) ahhh boys I got a wicked sunburn and a black eye."
Male Friend 2: "We did have a few brews last night, bud."
Male Friend 1: "Haha."
Male Friend 2: "Haha."
Male Friend 1: "A real Brewhaha."
dubsybabyによって 2013年06月21日(金)
term for beer.
looks like mike had a little to much brew ha ha tonight.
jon galassoによって 2003年08月18日(月)
See beer, or road sodas.
Hell yeah man, toss me another brewhahas i'm not drunk yet.
Andrew Stumpによって 2005年08月30日(火)

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