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Where everyone is either a yahhh dooood, a skanky ass hoe, or a pothead. Thinking about getting shitfaced is the only thing that keeps you motivated throughout the school week. People know about your weekend before Monday even rolls around. W"The Bridge", "The Rock", "The Outback", "The Beach Spot", "Party to the left", "GMa's House", "The Dam", "The Spot", "The Craitor", etc. are the places to be. You can find Mr. Swanton & Friends running around like madmen @ BHS on their walkie-talkie's. In order to fit in you must own maximum articles of Abercrombie&Fitch. Common words such as "ruueee" "geeeek" "reeeep" and "dudeee" are used excessivly. Instead of saying "ummm.." in between your words, you say "fuckkinnng.." Braintree's football team is MUCH better than Weymouths. You technicaly wouldn't even need to shower during the school week, you could just stand under one of the leeks in the ceiling of our school. We live by the PRIDE statement...Freshman girls are gaurenteed multiple bitching outs. You automatically look like a slut for wearing a skirt, and to make it even worse Mrs. Kelly WILL find you. Here in Braintree you can find drama any time and place.
dude, go call Ryan from Braintree..his weed's mad goood.

OMG, John told me that Sarah told him that she heard Lucy and Tony talking about how they both overheard Lindsay whispering to Jack about the note Jack found from Lisa to Mike about how they've secretly been hooking up?? Michelle's going to killll Lisa!!
Dr. Kurzbergによって 2006年06月21日(水)
A large suburb of Boston, MA that is most certainly better than its neighboring rival-town, Weymouth. Also, until it was divided and re-named, Braintree contained all of Quincy, now the largest and most notorious satellite city of Boston. AKA: B-Tree, The Tree, Bra-In-Tree
Weymouth wiggers came to Braintree looking for a fight, but got their asses kicked and subsequentially realized that they were neither black nor Eminem.
John Quincy Adams XIVによって 2005年11月09日(水)
Someone who is incredibly intelligent.
"You know that girl Claire?"
"Yeah, she's a total brain tree"
demilovesyouによって 2009年04月11日(土)
A working blue collar neighborhood. Predominately white (Irish). About 95% of Born and raised South Boston and Dorchester people live in braintree now. Kids typically hang out at Flaherty park or behind Dougherty gym. I have a cousin that lives here and the typical style is airmax and nike hats/59/50 hats or lacoste hats I beleive is the name. Very heavy drinkers.
Guy 1: you know Mcdonaugh down in braintree?
Guy 2: which one? Where are his parents from?
Guy 1: west Roxbury.

Guy 2: oh ya I know that kid he's a junky
Guy 1: I know ha ha
Southie02127によって 2014年05月12日(月)
the south shore center for herpes

also known as skanktree

one dirty place

"Dude, what are you doing with that Braintree bitch?!"
badlands bookerによって 2006年01月20日(金)
Where i liv, a rough neck town, where any1 frm melbourne(chelmsford), wont leave witout a broken leg
Fuk brixton, da real fites r in braintree
Braintree Barryによって 2005年11月09日(水)
where the true G's r from innit braintree U.K u gotta visit its the place 2 b 2005 true ghetto visit braintree n ur a true G
fiddy visited braintree
muzlimによって 2005年02月22日(火)

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