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when a guy takes a shit while getting a blow-job, and is on his laptop and eating a sandwich
XxT3 PyroXxによって 2010年01月09日(土)
A long and skinny joint usualy rolled to smoke with some friends at a party to keep the buzz going.
hey man lets go hit that bob saget you rolled earlier.
jackによって 2004年10月28日(木)
Coolest Mother Fucker Around.
Girl 1: OMG Its Bob Saget!
Girl 2: He is so fucking cool!
brianOFosirisによって 2008年10月08日(水)
when someone is frustrated or wants to be random yell out BOB SAGET!!!!!
oh gosh darn BOB SAGET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
onsによって 2008年06月12日(木)
Hollywood Prostitute. Anyone with little or no acting ability that trades dignity and honor for money by accepting acting roles in poorly written and unfunny comedies, undramatic dramas, and other lowest common denominator television shows or movies.
"Tom Cruise is such a Bob Saget."
America's Funniest Home Videos is so bad.
How bad is it?
It's got Bob Saget. (This might be interpreted as a double negative but it isn't one.)
Paris Hilton is such a Bob Saget!
Bob Suruncleによって 2008年01月04日(金)
The god of gods in the religion of everyone.
Bob Saget is a fucking god. Whats more to say?
achap44によって 2008年09月30日(火)
Ruler of the universe, President of everyone. God.
The Saget can show you the way
TheD8001によって 2005年04月18日(月)