a place where the population is made of rich white kids the minority being Jewish. 99 percent of the town is very self entitled and does yoga. If you don't drink Starbucks you don't leave the house. there is a kid named
Scott who is fat and he likes to try to get girls who don't like him Birmingham is also called bham and usually said "let's go dt bham" as most of the hammers say. hey do you want to go sit in panera in dt bham
hey man let's go to dt Birmingham today
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Sxottsによって 2014年08月16日(土)
1. (noun) - an unpleasant venereal condition from the West Midlands. Spread by uncontrolled industrialisation in a bygone and depressing era, a nasty case of Birmingham today lurks like a canker on the fair visage of England. Symptoms include an adenoidal twang to the voice, and a belief that Peaky Blinders is an aspirational and contemporary lifestyle programme.

2. (verb) - to proffer unwanted and inexplicable sexual advances to all and sundry, including livestock. Don't ask.
1. Patient: "Doctor, doctor, I have come down with a nasty case of the Birmingham all over my crotch!"

Doctor: "That's disgusting - what on earth were you DOING?"

2. Don't walk your dog on Clapham Common at night - it might get Birminghamed good and proper.
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Dr Filthpervによって 2014年03月11日(火)
Greatest place in england bcfc rock and knock out aston villa every time plus lots of skaters cool, the gardens kick bum
robによって 2003年10月23日(木)
The dullest and most boring city on Earth, located in central England.

The town's centre is basically a game of spot the Englishman, the outer suburbs are filled with either old people or South Asian gang members.
Once a bastion of friendly & tough working class stock, now every toothpick teenager swanning around the streets is either high, carrying a knife, or both.
You can also expect to receive at least ten scornful looks for simply walking to the shops.
What's Birmingham like?
Dot: Oooh yes, I remembah when all that used to be fee-yulds it did.

What's Birmingham like?
Amir: b6z up innit blud brap brap brrrrrrap

What's Birmingham like?
Mike: >:-/ Ehhh, ye fuc--*mumbles and walks away*
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PSJ__によって 2010年08月21日(土)
City in the West Midlands, England, United Kingdom, Europe, The World, The Universe.

Full of various homeless people called Dave, who won't mug you - just take your money or stab you.

Known for it's marvellous shopping, and several train stations, including Birmingham New Street - home to the world's most expensive Burger King.

How about a trip to Birmingham to go shopping, meet Dave and grab a burger on the way home?
RSKによって 2003年08月01日(金)
Birmingham City FC were founded in 1875 and have only ever won something once - the football league cup in 1963.
They claim to be the 'pride of Brum', which is clearly a joke as the REAL pride of Brum (Aston Villa) recently hammered them out of the premiership.
Have fun in the Championship Blue scum!
It is also a fact that most of their fans support Aston Villa but go to watch the blues as they cant afford tickets to see the mighty Villa.
It is also true that Villa Park is much better than little St. Andrews anyday. Aston Villa have the biggest end stand in europe (the Holte End), and Birmingham have....well.....nothing.
In conclusion the blues fans have no way of backing up their claims of being 'the pride of Brum' as clearly they are not.
My old man said be a city fan I said bollocks you're a cunt, There's a circus in the town Stevie Bruce is a Clown, shoot all the City scum and support the pride of Brum Aston Villa,
Birmingham city 100 years and won fuck all, Some say that St Andrews is a wonderful place To the boys from Villa park it's a fucking disgrace They say they've got showers but we know the truth there's a hole in the roof where the rain pisses through.
#birmingham #st.andrews #won nothing #championship #blue scum
Championship_is_where_you'll_stayによって 2006年07月18日(火)
Any type of foreplay action in the bedroom, Come from the term "Sit on my face and tell me you love Birmingham!"
"Hey honey fancy a journy to Birmingham"
Joeによって 2003年05月23日(金)

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