1)This means flirting with some1 or attempting to get some1s bird.

2)Birdinit: a female who is very attractive, aka a honey
Wait a second durag, im gona go bird it!

Fuck me, look at that birdinit over there!
The MINIによって 2005年03月02日(水)
1. A type of handshake in which one person lifts one knee at a time while waving their arms.
2. A sexual act.
1. Up high
down low
can you bird it?

2. This one chick birded my friend for 20 minutes straight!
Hexedecimalによって 2005年05月26日(木)
jacked up ,messed up ,torn up
That car was birdit.
kamによって 2004年03月15日(月)