Top Definition
A very close minded person. (Kill em all)
Redneck Bill is such a raving biggot bastard.
Murderous Joeによって 2003年08月27日(水)
One who judges and/or despises others based on their physical apearance, descent, gender, personal beliefs or life style.
"All caucasians are wicked by nature and not to be trusted!!" said the antiwhite biggot.
T.Ractorheadによって 2006年11月23日(木)
Used by those who can't spell bigot.
That dudes a biggot and I don't own a dictionary.
OfcoursethereismorethanonePaulによって 2007年09月14日(金)
A biggot is basically another word for a racist.
Damn KKK, full of those country club biggots.
OliverSによって 2005年05月15日(日)
An incredibly Big Maggot
"There's a Biggot in my Salad"
Octopusswahによって 2006年06月30日(金)
The majority of the Fox networks audience apparently.
My familys last name may as well be synonymous for biggot.

My SN on diablo2 is BiggotGenocide. ^_^
The Dalianによって 2005年12月12日(月)
A juggalo/juggalette hater
You're being such a biggot because you're hating on my family.
charlie scene girlによって 2009年07月25日(土)


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