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Someone ridiculous in general.
Go to Columbia. See for yourself. He's the weirdo campagning for some "political shiznit." We claim no association.
Not BIGERRRZによって 2003年03月01日(土)
Short for Biggers, oh, wait, nevermind.
His middle name was Biggers, but he went by Biggerz, because it was easier to say.
whodoyouthinkyouare?によって 2003年03月01日(土)
A man with a plan. Also referred to as a "kingpin," someone who is a Biggerz is the kind of guy who will one day rule the world.
When a Biggerz walks into the building, all the pimps and hoes run for cover.
B-wagによって 2003年02月27日(木)
someone ridiculously good looking but really full of himself (sometimes in a good way)
Ashley Millerによって 2003年02月27日(木)