A place of debachery and rape within the Quake 3 mod Navy Seals community.
I am going to fuck Dan's goat tonight in the BiM Barn's tunnel of love!
Thrymmによって 2003年12月16日(火)

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bim bim-server
There where drunken men find Nirwana, place where you might happen to get laid once in a while with animals...
w0rd, lets get to the bim-barn and get all holes filled up!
Tha_slughyによって 2004年01月16日(金)
Greatest place in the gaming community ..
I whis I could join the BiM Barn
gizzによって 2004年01月05日(月)
temple of molestation and worship of hitler.
im going to the bim barn to hail hitler and touch little boys
fuzzynutsによって 2004年02月05日(木)