Capital city of Northern Ireland found in Antrim with parts poking into Down.

Full of rough-looking people who are nosy, violent and stare at anything they don't like the looks of.

Violence is seen on every street corner on a Friday/Saturday night, generally carried out by alcoholic teenagers who want to beat an innocent person to a pulp for a few laughs.

Almost 90% of the city is made up of millies. See millies

Also has a high amount of alternative people, generally classed "hippies" by the ignorant. They get drunk in the city centre in huge crowds but are soon dispersed by a few rouhg-looking millbags with rough voices. Most "hippies" are annoying who compete for status of the "scene" and use violence to get it. Is littered with pre-teenage, over-eccentric bisexuals.

Most of the individuals in the city are paranoid due to the amount of sectarian violence that goes on. Catholics fear for their lives in Protestant areas and vice versa.

A lot of the inhabitants enjoy laughing at another's expense and making them feel a lot worse just for "a laugh".

Chewing gum takes up 90% of the pavement.
Shops are woefully stocked with restricted amounts of fashionable clothing.
Dirt and grime are riddled on every street within the city.
Burning cars, murals and Union Jacks adorn most "suburban" districts.

Overall rating as a city - "S" for "SHIT!!"
"I hate Belfast with a burning passion!!"
Ciarán Gibsonによって 2006年07月16日(日)
Top Definition
Capital City Of Northern Ireland

Integral Part Of The United Kingdom

Is Where The Titanic Was Built

It Actually Has One Of The Lowest Crime Rates In U.K. According To Government Statistics.

Good Things
Ulster Fries.
Limited street crime.
Norn Iron accents.
Drinking culture.
The take-no-prisoners, take no crap, black sense of humour

Bowelling, a unique mixture of personal abuse, sarcasm and surrealism which only Scousers will understand. Or tolerate. Just don't take it personally.
Strangers joining in in your conversations.
Mild anglophobia. All-pervading ugliness that drives tourists away and allows the bars to remain habitable for locals. No Oirish Bars here

Bad Things
Almost everyone supports Liverpool or Man united. Boo.
That all-pervading ugliness. What the Luftwaffe and terrorism couldn't manage, the Planning Service have.
The Kaliningrad-like destruction of a once-proud city.
Bloody stupid sectarianism, which is probably as bad as you've heard it is

One Of The Worst Regions In The U.K For Racism & Zero Tolerances On Non Indiginious Folk
Welcome To Belfast

We Don't Want No
Asylum Seekers,
Ethnic Minorities or
Illegal Immigrants.

We Have Enough Of Our Own Problems Here
North Of The Borderによって 2004年10月18日(月)
The most fantastic place in the world, with the friendly-est people! it's not as bad as people make out1 :))
Oh I wish I was in belfast !
lip-glossによって 2005年03月13日(日)
Capital of " norn iron " very sectarian but it rocks. The walls of the police buildings are 20 feet high with spikes around the top and they drive around in big tanks, the peelers that is. The walls are covered in murals and the people talk their own verson of english. Very poor politiians. Is split into north, south, east and west belfast.Oh yeh and it is the natural habitat for spides and millies.
I'm from norn iron come 'ere i'll beat ur bollocks in.
dead butterfliesによって 2005年03月10日(木)
The centre of the know universe and the unknown universe for that matter.

Capital of Norn Iron (Northern Ireland)

Visit Belfast and you won't want to leave.

Leave and you will want to come back.

Best bits: Ulster fry. It will stick to yer puddins like lead and keep ya goin all af tha day like.
Belfast, Belfast, wonderful town
It doesn't matter if your skin is brown
Belfast, Belfast, I love you
If you're outta work you can get the brew
undisclosed desiresによって 2010年02月25日(木)
Fast becoming the emo capital of Europe.
Where can i find lots of he/she__xcore kids getting really drunk and taking poppers?
At the new spot in belfast, northern ireland of course!
______Cuntによって 2006年01月03日(火)
Belfast , city full of wonders!! beautiful archtecture such as the Antrim Road police station! Beautiful wall paintings depicting masked men with AK-47s Low crime rate , home of George Best the Titanic and the Ulster Fry. Well nuff of that bullshit... Its basically a crap city with decent shops wall paintings and massive fucking police stations. The police cars r well cool tho , armoured land rovers , they fuckin kick ass! (Apart from the fact they now look like ice cream vans and are full of police officers of corse!) Can be good craic here although ethnic minorities are treated as outcasts. Full of spides and millys , easily spotted by big earings fake burberry and crappy tracksuits. Home of many football clubs and Ulster Rugby. Linfield and Glentoran (the two main football teams) are VERY loyalist , Ulster Rugby is mixed and trys yo promote cross community activities
mON WILL big mawn!!! ill get ur nees dun ne mroe of ur shite!
Darrenによって 2005年03月31日(木)

No crime in Belfast, aaaahahahahaha.

No seriously are you on about the Belfast in Northern Ireland?? Where the IRA, UVF and LVF are the biggest gangsters in Ireland and the UK, if not Europe? On top of this, there are constant attacks on people and property.

Anyway it’s a city in county Antrim, in the north of Ireland. A fairly nice modern city really but unfortunately it is plagued by paramilitary activity and violent clashes in the working class areas between Nationalists (Irish) and Unionists (British).

Despite "it being about religion", it’s really about British and Irish differences and most of the offenders only see the inside of a church a couple of times a year.

Anyway feel free to visit it; it’s no where near as bad as it used to be, what with the decommissioning of arms happening.

It’s pretty prosperous and wealthy with some nice work being done in the city centre and DOES have lots of cultured and decent people!! ;)
Belfast a nice modern city with the occasional disturbance, nowadays!
BBtによって 2005年10月17日(月)

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